A Divorce Attorney Can Save You Money

Getting divorced can combine some of the most life-stressing events that a person can ever experience. It can involve a loss of a spouse, loss of children, reduction of income, and a change of residence. Each one of these by itself could be a tremendously sad and stressful time, all added together they are the worst thing that could happen to a person. For that reason, it’s important to find and hire the best family law attorney  you can find and let them help you survive this bad time in your life. There are a lot of things to consider when searching for an attorney to handle your Maryland divorce, let’s take a look.

Getting a Local Divorce Lawyer Has Its Advantages

Times are going to be tight economically for awhile for both sides in a divorce. For that reason, many times it’s important to find a lawyer that’s located nearby so you can stop by the office to get updates and drop off papers or evidence if needed. The last thing you should do is hire a high-priced downtown lawyer that has to charge double the rates to pay his exorbitant rent. Not only is it a long drive to get there but parking costs a lot, and it will take nearly a whole day for just a short appointment.

So the first thing that you should look at is if there is plenty of free and easy parking in his lot and you should be able to get there in just a few minutes. Then, when you walk in the door does his secretary know who you are and have your file out already? Does she have the papers for you to sign already marked with little tabs and know just what to do? Or, is she all dressed up in $1,000 worth of jewelry, shoes, and clothes but have no clue as to who you are and what you need? That’s what you need to take a look at as you enter the office before you hire a divorce attorney.

They should also have a system of messaging their clients that will make access quick and easy for all concerned. Maybe sent to your cell phone, computer, or even a phone message, but either way you need modern access that’s easy for your and them.

Take A Good Look At The Number Of Lawyers In The Firm

One huge indicator of a top-heavy business is when they have many senior partners, then junior partners, and then associates. This is pretty common in the big downtown firms, and it will indicate a high cost per hour that doesn’t necessarily transform into better service. The reason is, all of those partners are taking a cut of the commissions earned by each associate. So if you’re paying a huge hourly rate, it’s because there are a lot of people taking a cut and your divorce lawyer may be getting paid a very small salary in the end. That’s the best reason to find a local firm with just a couple of partners, so they aren’t too high priced.

If you’re going through a divorce, it’s important to get the legal support you need without paying too much at this critical time. Then look at the office, parking, and staff to make sure they are the type of people that you feel comfortable with and you’ll be all set.